Grand tour: Grand tour. How well-being consumer trend detoxes and revives tourism
11 марта 2020, 18:00
Наталия Белякова

Директор по маркетингу Domina Russia, партнер Центра территориального маркетинга. Доцент НИУ ВШЭ, член Institute of Place Management. Советник по маркетингу дестинаций.

1. Healthcare as the tourism “weakness”: coronavirus effect on industry and how we could deal with it; 2. Well-being, bio-hacking and other holistic life-long oriented approaches: how these new consumers’ trends change the tourism, destinations and local life; 3. Becoming the ”healthy” destination: main items for tourists’ positioning and facilitating the idea to the locals.
Гости: Timothy Lee - Professor оf University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia), Professor of Asia Pacific Research Institute for Health-Oriented Tourism